Girders and Culverts: Public Access Improvement Updates

A steel girder being delivered to the River ‘S’ Bridge worksite.

A steel girder being delivered to the River ‘S’ Bridge worksite.

River ‘S’ Bridge Update

Last week, the bridge contractor, Ceccanti Inc., continued to work on the decking for the first span of the bridge. Girders for the second and third spans arrived on-site and are staged for being set this week. The crew also started construction on the embankment near one of the on-shore abutments.

A new piece of equipment is on its way to the project this week - a 600 ton capacity crane. For those keeping count, this is twice the lifting capacity of the big red crane you’ve seen during previous phases of the project. This crane will be used to set the remaining girders in place for the bridge spans. Last week, the counter weights were delivered, while the rest of the crane arrived this week.

Main Avenue Project Update

A milestone was reached last week, with the completed removal of the existing 10-foot culvert at Gee Creek and Main Avenue. Additionally, the fish capture crew completed their work of relocating all fish that were captured in the ponded water left behind after the creek was diverted for the project. Full diversion of the creek is now set up and the ponded water has been drawn down.

Crews have been using materials from the site to build a sturdy pad that will accommodate the construction equipment used to excavate the new arch culvert. If you see dump trucks moving in and out of the area, they are taking out excess dirt from excavation and hauling in fill material. On deck for this week is installation of the 40-foot arch culvert.