Pier into the River 'S' Bridge Project

Steady Progress

It’s been a very busy month of May at the River ‘S’ Bridge replacement project. Working, at times, around the clock, crews have completed the water work on Pier 1 and Pier 2. These are the two piers that stand in the river channel and support the middle section of the bridge. This is a significant process that required a rapid pace, keen coordination, drilling through muck with a huge auger, and a whole heckuva lotta concrete.

Check out what placing a pier in water looks like in this video from lead contractor, Ceccanti, Inc.:

Preparation is a Key to Success

Reaching this point in the project is the result of a lot of preparation work and coordination with many sub-contractors. Getting the ground ready for heavy equipment, bringing in barges and cranes, and building rebar columns are some of the big activities that took place in March and April. Take a look at that in this April timelapse video from Ceccanti, Inc.:

Up Next

The project now moves on to the land-based abutments. Two five-foot diameter shafts will be drilled for each abutment. This process included inspection of the shaft using video equipment that allowed contractors to see all the way to the bottom. Once the shafts pass inspection, reinforcement cages will be places, followed by pouring concrete. After the concrete has initially cured, a process called crosshole sonic logging will be used to evaluate the integrity of the concrete. As the word “sonic” suggests, sound pulses are emitted through pipes in the concrete, then recorded, ultimately producing a map of how sound travels through the concrete.