Supporting the New Bridge

Equipment for installing ground improvement columns

Equipment for installing ground improvement columns

Whether we’re talking about the work of the bridge crew or your help in staying off the access road during the week, the new River S bridge is receiving a lot of support.

Last week, Ceccanti Inc. completed construction of temporary shoring. Shoring is the process of installing temporary supports during a construction project, like our new bridge. These “shores” will ensure stability of the permanent pieces of the structure while they are being placed.

Another activity involved sub-contractor, Hayward Baker, beginning to install ground improvement stone columns on the West abutment. It takes a pretty heavy-duty piece of vibrating equipment to get this job done (pictured above). Meanwhile, sub-contractor, CMC, continued to assemble drilled shaft rebar cages.

This week, the contractor will continue ground improvements and assembly of rebar cages for the abutments.

Check out this fun video from Ceccanti Inc., which chronicles the transport and placement of the giant 300-ton capacity crane. You can zoom ahead to 1:45 in the video to see the crane arrive at Ridgefield NWR.