A Walk in the Woods

Take a virtual walk with Refuge and Friends staff through the Oak Release site at Ridgfield National Wildlife Refuge’s Carty Unit. This 360-degree video experience allows you to choose your own camera angle by clicking and dragging on the video or moving your phone around. Give it a try!

As you’ll see in the video, there are some pretty good sized stacks of Douglas fir trees. What’s left are a much more spread out collection of Oregon white oak trees. During this first phase of the restoration project, you can really see how the crowding and shading by the fir trees has affected the growth of the oaks. They are much more vertically shaped as opposed to the ideal broad crown (or broccoli) shape.

Felling trees is now complete. What follows next will be the removal of the fir trees from Ridgefield NWR and transporting them to Abernathy Creek, the site of a Cowlitz Indian Tribe restoration project that will benefit salmon. Continued restoration efforts at the Refuge will include planting a native vegetation understory and designing a new configuration for the trail system.

Please note that the Oaks-to-Wetlands Trail North of the Oak Overlook (the end of the pave portion of the trail) remains closed as we monitor for falling debris and plan for a new trail system.